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Welcome to the Mineral Point Stadium Project website. You will find information about the project, frequently asked questions, history and information about how to donate to this cause. Information will also be posted about upcoming fundraisers. Together we can create a safe facility for future generations of students to continue the Pointer tradition.


“I coached football for 34 years at MP and I have an emotional attachment to the old field. I understand why it is tough to move to a new facility. However, things change and times change. And as much as we would like to hang onto the past, it is not really for the benefit of the future. I feel that it is time to move to a facility that will emulate what we have with our high school and other athletic facilities.”
– Al Bauman

“Our community and school need to work together as a ‘team’ to make our stadium a reality. Let’s have a football stadium that is top notch like our school and other athletic facilities.”
– Ron Murphy, Former Mineral Point Football Head Coach

“The football stadium, soccer field, and track project(s) will add another positive to the Mineral Point School District. The stadium would complement the strong academic programs the district currently has in place. The likelihood for WIAA tournament assignments to be held at the stadium would have a positive economic impact on local businesses as well as the opportunity to further showcase the Mineral Point School District. The stadium adds another reason for families to relocate to Mineral Point to become part of the community and the school district. The project would serve as a welcome addition for the school and community to be used in many different ways.”

– Ted Evans, Steering Committee

“Our students and community would benefit from this project. MPHS would finally qualify to host WIAA post-season playoff games and would generate revenue through the ability to host other teams as a neutral site. Having the stadium as part of our high school is important for efficiency of operations. A quality stadium is essential to Mineral Point students and community.”
–Vickie Dahl, Mineral Point Athletic Director

“From the schools standpoint, the location of the stadium at the high school site would allow for easier setup, maintenance, and modern conveniences of locker rooms and bathrooms. It would also be easier to control car traffic and host playoff games. Once the football field is in playing condition, the costs associated with football should decrease with less ticket-takers, less bus charges to get to the field and less police support due to the in-town location. We can create a new and exciting place on Friday night’s under the lights!”
–Mitch Wainwright, Principal, Mineral Point High School

“From my perspective, moving the football stadium to the high school location would be ideal. The access to locker rooms, bathrooms, and not having to take a bus to home games would be very convenient. Most importantly, having a facility capable of hosting WIAA playoff games is a priority of mine and will be a wonderful opportunity for our community in the future.”
– Andy Palzkill, Head Football Coach